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Animal Care Center of Downers Grove


Animal Care Center of Downers Grove grants its guests with comfort, space, medical supervision, and plenty of cuddles to go around. 

The quality we would expect for our own pets is exactly what we provide for your pet, and we would be happy to give you a tour of our facility before you book your pet boarding reservation.

Making Every Guest Feel At Home

Boarding can be stressful for pets, which is why we go the extra mile to make them feel welcome and relaxed.

To give our guests the best possible experience, we:

  • Take dogs out for exercise and bathroom breaks 4-6 times a day

  • House cats in roomy condos they can stretch out and relax in

  • Provide clean, soft bedding for comfort just like home

  • Follow owner's instructions regarding feeding and medication schedules*

  • Offer one-on-one cuddle time

  • Give out treats (with owner's permission)

  • Can provide a bath and nail trim (at additional charge) during your pet's stay

*Food and medications from home will be dispensed to your pet at a small additional fee. Additionally, we can provide text and photo updates if you'd like to check in on your pet while you're away.

Boarding Packages

To give our boarding guests additional TLC during their stay, we offer boarding packages that include:

  • Dog daycare - $7.50 extra for half day, or $15 for full day

  • One-on-one cuddle time

  • Treats

  • Bath and nail trim

What You Can Expect

Before you board your pet with us, we would like you to be aware of the following:

  • All dogs coming in to board will receive a cursory exam before being taken to their kennel to help us maintain a healthy and safe environment for all boarding guests.

  • We offer our boarders a prescription gastrointestinal diet to prevent GI issues. If your pet requires a specific diet for their health, please bring their meals in pre-measured, individual bags or containers for proper feeding.

  • Our hospital provides all blankets and food and water bowls.

  • If your pet takes medication, bring them in their original containers with proper dosage and dispensing instructions.

Health Requirements

To keep our pet boarding facility safe for all guests, dogs and cats must be up to date on specific vaccinations and tests. If necessary, we can update your pet when they check in. Also, if your pet is not a patient at our hospital, please bring documentation showing that they are up to date.


  • 1 or 3-year rabies vaccine

  • 1 or 3 year Distemper combo or 3-year distemper plus current 1-year lepto vaccine

  • 6-month Bordetella vaccine

  • Canine influenza vaccine

  • Parasite-negative fecal test within last 12 months


  • 1-year rabies vaccine

  • 1-year distemper

  • Negative feline leukemia test - indoor cats only

  • 1-year feline leukemia vaccine - outdoor cats only

  • Parasite-negative fecal test within last 12 months